Yes we want to do it again!

How about you?
Feeder Race

Since we first raced our sailing boat in Grenada we got the ‘race bug’. Right now our lovely lady ‘Dione’ is out on the hard to be worked on. Our aim is to take part in the feeder race to Carriacou and participate in the traditional Carriacou Regatta.

If you want to sail to Carriacou but prefer to go in a group, this is a very good opportunity. The feeder race to Carriacou is a fun race you do not need a CSA rating. Everybody can join.

We leave on 1st August, 8am, from St George, however if you want to leave earlier that is fine too. Just take your own start time and let us know.

The Carriacou Regatta is a well-known regatta and was first established in 1965. Competitors from all around the world with work boats, racing boats, sailing boats and yachts compete.

You can sign up here and get all the details so we know who is participating.

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