The Boat

DioneOur main school boat is a Dione 98.

This Spanish built yacht is a single mast Sloop with a fin keel. The boat has several advantages as a school boat*:

  • Extraordinary light wind performance: This is almost like a guarantee that we can learn how to sail even we have a “low wind day”. Perfect for beginners and great for racing conditions with more wind.
  • We’ve chosen a tiller steering over a wheel steering on purpose: It’s not just to give you a much better feedback it’s also granting that you are able afterwards to steer whatever boat you may encounter.
  • Safety is important on a school boat: We provide all the needed PDF’s (life wests), fire extinguishers, emergency box, emergency communication, up to date charts to name a few…please feel free to ask if you have special needs or concerns!
  • The Dione 98 has a state of the art electronics like VHF, GPS, Log and Lot.
  • The Dione 98 provides a decent amount of comfort while underway: sea toilette, fridge for cool drinks and enough sweet water for a shower after a refreshing swim in the Caribbean Sea.

*Actually we test sailed several boats to ensure to find the right boat for our Sailing School. We preferred a light wind boat to ensure the maximum sailing experience in various conditions. And just to make sure: Even though the Dione 98 is lightweight and very easy to handle we know it’s a very safe and stable boat. Would we actually have sailed her ourselves over the Atlantic if we didn’t believe so?? Still, if you like to learn on another boat we can provide several yacht types for sailing classes on request. Any special request is not part of our offerings and may introduce additional fees.

Some Technical Data

Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 31.99′ / 9.75m LWL: 23.82′ / 7.26m
Beam: 10.27′ / 3.13m Listed SA: 394 ft2 / 36.6 m2
Draft (max.) 5.58′ / 1.70m
Disp. 6834 lbs./ 3100 kgs. Ballast: 3329 lbs. / 1510 kgs.
SA/Disp.: 17.56 Bal./Disp.: 48.71%
Disp./Len.: 225.74