How to Moor a Sailboat

What is a Mooring?

A mooring is an anchor permanently installed in a harbor for mooring a sailboat. It typically consists of an anchor which can be anything heavy like a cement block, a sand screw, an old engine, a chain to a mooring ball on the surface, and a rope to which the boat attaches.

In certain places you will not be able to just drop an anchor, you will have to take a mooring. There are various reasons why you will have to use a mooring instead of anchoring, like

  • protection of  coral or sea grass beds
  • deep water close to shore with swells
  • not good holding ground

Mooring a sailboat is easy when there is little wind, current and waves. But it can also be tricky and difficult to stop and hold a boat beside the mooring long enough for somebody else to catch the mooring line and secure it at the bow.

In our courses we will teach you how to moor a boat with one person on the tiller and one catching the mooring line but we will also teach you how to moor a boat alone.

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