Sailing Books We Love

All the books we recommend can be bought on Amazon . Simply click on the image to buy it.
Let us know if you have any books you would like us to recommend! We are more than happy to grow this list!

Cruising Guides

Everybody who sails and cruises in the Caribbean will sooner or later hear the name ‘Chris Doyle’ when the talk is about Cruising Guides.

Chris Doyle’s cruising guides are amongst the most popular in the Eastern Caribbean and we can only recommend his guides. He spends about 6 months every year to visit all the anchorages to make sure his guides are always up-to-date. Sketch charts, aerial photos, navigation information, great pictures, onshore information and much more. Just anything really you need to know to cruise in the Caribbean.

The Windward Islands:
 Martinique to Grenada
The Leeward Islands:
Anguilla to Dominica
Jimmy Cornell describing
‘Round the Globe’ routes
Jimmy Cornell
World Destinations

Boating Photograhps

Books with great shots are a perfect gift for any sailor!

Onne van der Val
No words needed

Funny and Entertaining Books

Like to laugh? Read some of the funny books written by sailors who do not take it all too serious. These books are great to read when you are on the beach, doing a longer passage or have not enough time to sail.

Like other sailors they ended up in Grenada 😉
Don’t we all love cartoons? We do 😉


Racing Crew

for the races here in Grenada:
Grenada Sailing Week: 31st January – 5th February 2013
Races are Friday – Tuesday with Sunday being a lay day.

South Grenada Regatta: 21st – 24th February 2013
Fleet races are Friday and Sunday. Saturday is match racing.

Our goal is to build up a racing crew and participate in regattas in the region.
Please contact Rene at 419 3618 if you are interested to be part of the team. If you are available on all those racing dates that is great. However if you have other duties like work or school and you are only available on the weekend you can still become a crew member of our racing team.
Practices will be on the weekends Saturdays and/or Sundays.

There is no charge to participate as crew! We will cover all the entry fees for those races. If you have sailing experience that will help but this is not a requirement.

If you are motivated, enthusiastic, like the competition and are ready to take the training and racing serious then please call Rene at 419 3618 .

Watch the video of the 2012 South Grenada Regatta and let us know if you would like to be part of our crew!

How to Moor a Sailboat

What is a Mooring?

A mooring is an anchor permanently installed in a harbor for mooring a sailboat. It typically consists of an anchor which can be anything heavy like a cement block, a sand screw, an old engine, a chain to a mooring ball on the surface, and a rope to which the boat attaches.

In certain places you will not be able to just drop an anchor, you will have to take a mooring. There are various reasons why you will have to use a mooring instead of anchoring, like

  • protection of  coral or sea grass beds
  • deep water close to shore with swells
  • not good holding ground

Mooring a sailboat is easy when there is little wind, current and waves. But it can also be tricky and difficult to stop and hold a boat beside the mooring long enough for somebody else to catch the mooring line and secure it at the bow.

In our courses we will teach you how to moor a boat with one person on the tiller and one catching the mooring line but we will also teach you how to moor a boat alone.