About Us

Grenada Sailing School has been founded by Rene and Daniela Froehlich. They both love the sea and to travel. One of the easiest ways to get around and explore other places is by boat. It is their goal to teach sailing the fun way on the beautiful island of Grenada.

rene froehlichRene ‘The Teacher’

is an artist, glass designer and does not like it, if you call him ‚wood worker’, even though a reliable source says that he is a very good wood worker.

He was brought up on the beautiful ‘Lake of Bodensee’ in Switzerland where he first saw sailing boats and fell in love with them. For many years he sailed on the lakes in Switzerland but needed some challenges and explored the Mediterranean and the Northern Sea.

Crossing the Atlantic was always a dream and in 2002 he and Daniela set sail and left Switzerland for bigger adventures.

In 2003 they settled in Grenada and opened their business.

Rene is a very skilled and passionate person who loves to teach.

Want to get to know him? Sign up for a course 😉

Interested to see some of his art? Click here!

daniela froehlichDaniela ‘The Office Girl’

Is responsible for all the work ‘behind the scene’. She is a certified web-, and graphics designer and likes the social media networking.

She was also brought up on a beautiful lake but on the ‘Lake of the Four Forested Cantons’. In 1998 she met Rene who introduced her to sailing and the rest is history.

Languages we speak: English, German, Swiss German and Sailors Talk