Welcome to Sailing School Grenada

Our goal is to teach fun and competence on the water, we will provide you with everything you need to begin with or to enhance your sailing skills.

Courses for All Skills

No matter if you like to become a recreational sailor, full time cruiser or racer. We are well aware that sailing is quite a unique sport. It can be very competitive if you like to race regattas or it will be one of the most relaxing sports if you decide to explore new islands and bays just for fun.

And so are our training courses, individual as your needs.

We offer individual lessons or complete courses, each with a specific goal. If you book a course there will be maximum four students on board to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Always fancied to go sailing but not sure if this is the right sport for you? Not a problem, we offer a 2-hour trial course.

Our boat is well equipped according to the latest standards and with full safety gear, the teacher is a very experienced and long time sailor.

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